Dr. Rubin Khoddam

Clinical Psychologist

Westwood, Los Angeles, CA


Individual Therapy

Treatments provided include CBT, ACT, DBT, CPT, Psychodynamic Therapy among others

IMPROVE: Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Program

IMPROVE is an outpatient substance use treatment program that was developed by Dr. Khoddam

Couples and Family Therapy

Dr. Khoddam has been trained in a variety of couples and family treatments.


Individual and couple services, as described above, can also be provided via teletherapy

Group Therapy

Groups based on ACT, DBT, and process groups among others are periodically offered


Dr. Rubin Khoddam, Ph.D. (PSY#31388) is a licensed clinical psychologist  who specializes in the treatment of addiction and trauma as well as mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression. In addition to these specialty services, Dr. Khoddam also has extensive training in treating individuals as well as couples with a variety of mental health concerns, whether that be dealing with a difficult life transition, understanding life patterns, healing from past traumas, or seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives.

Treatment Philosophy

My speciality is in individual and couples treatment of addiction, trauma, and mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression. I have been trained extensively in various evidence-based practices to treat these issues, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma, Prolonged Exposure for Trauma, and Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy among others. However, regardless of whether you are deciding to come to therapy to treat a specific diagnosis, decrease your substance use, deal with a difficult life transition, manage a relationship, or to find more meaning and purpose in your life, I am here to support you on your path. In addition to specific treatment modalities, I also see my work as helping you become more conscious of the patterns in your life so that you can not just live the life you want, but learn the skills to course-correct when you inevitably go off path – as we all do. I strive to do this in palatable, supportive ways by integrating humanity, understanding, authenticity as well as the evidence-based research and years of practical experience to help you do your work as we all strive to do our own. 


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6 Ways to Reduce Chronic Pain

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Finding Joy in the Journey

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Dr. Khoddam has been collecting and curating his favorite quotes for over a decade. Heard through TV, podcasts, books, Dr. Khoddam believes that there is something to be learned from everyone – whether that be a thought leader or cultural figurehead. Dr. Khoddam recently published an initial curation of these quotes in a book entitled Quote Therapy. It has hundreds of quotes that have been categorized by type.